Red Mage cast MAGIC MISSLE! (sillyredmage) wrote in gitaroo_man,
Red Mage cast MAGIC MISSLE!

y halo thar ;D

Hiiii, I just wanted to say hello >:

Pretty new to the whole LJ scene and then Community scene, but yeah D:

My name is Jonjo, I live in England, and I have been playing Gitaroo Man for.. years now :x At first it was just one of those buys where I could get 3 games for the price of 2, and this was my extra.. then it turned out to be the best of the 3 hohoho.

Tbh, I haven't played it for ages, I'm stuck on the Mother Obsessed Opera Man on extreme mode D: Still, if this community is still alive, nice to see you all ;D!
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