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I finally got Gitaroo Man today...

I want to thank you all for your help with my last post. I finally got Gitaroo Man today, and I must say, it does not disappoint. After five hours of hard work and Rhythm watching, I beat it on normal. I'm going to play a few more times on Normal before I move on to Hard and Masters Play.

Level One: Pretty easy, better at training you to play than training mode. Moving on.

Level Two: Thought it's faster, I must say I really liked this level. It's my favourite song of the game, and I had no trouble...except for that last note, but I'm sure it happens to everyone.

Level Three: The first level I had a hard time on. Because it's jazzy/RB, the rhythms changed up on me, and I ended up hitting notes either too late or two early. Still trying to get the tracking thing right. It took me a few tries, but I finally got. My fiance loved how King Mojo (from the flojo) Bee would repeatedly say "damn" throughout the level. This level had "Blaxploitation" written all over it.

Level Four: I only had a small problem with the rhythm which caused me to lose once, but otherwise, not so hard.

Level Five (the one I looked forward to): o_O teh_magic_afro, I see what you mean...why did I look forward to this level again?

Level Six: That's baby-making music right there...

Level Seven: Now, this was the huge surprise of my playing time! The Sanbone Trio was easy for me! Maybe it was watching all those videos on youtube, but I breeze passed them on my first try. I even had more than half of my health in tact. I just sat there, shocked beyond belief because I prepared myself for a big challenge (that ended up being Zowie). I was like "what? it's over?" I know I won't be saying that in Master's Mode, though... o_O

Level Eight: Seriously, there's something wrong with this guy...but otherwise, made it out alive.

Level Nine: This level helped with my dodging more. I must say I think I like the rock version of the Legendary Theme more so than the acoustic. Anyway, moving on to the biggest challenge...

Level Ten: ZOWIE. I.HATE.THIS.STAGE! I worked on it for more than two hours trying to beat this guy. This is where I learned that I needed to practice my tracking a heck of a lot more. I mean, if I wasn't killed in the beginning, the final would take me out. And my tracking was horrible. Yep, I want to get better at this stage before moving to master's play.

And there you have it. Four years after I first saw, I've played, and I'm so happy that this was my birthday present. Now, I humbly ask if anyone can give me tips for stages three, five, and ten on Normal (I won't be doing Master's Play for a while). Thanks in advance, and thanks again for all your help.
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