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controller options

The recent post discussing dual thumb/finger techniques to get past very difficult dodge sections got me thinking. While making a custom controller for Gitaroo Man would be a difficult but interesting exercise, it dawned on me there might already be an easier way to play. Has any every tried to play Gitaroo with an arcade stick? The larger buttons might make it easier to get through those tricky dodge sections.

While I do not have an arcade stick of my own to test this theory I'd hope at least one of you could try it out.
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Could work...if you could configure the buttons. I don't think most arcade sticks would be able to give you the square/left before circle/right, but if you could find one, that'd be awesome! :D
I would certainly be interested to see that in action!
Sadly, analogue-sticked arcade sticks are about as common as hen's teeth, if they even do exist.