vampdavegrohl (vampdavegrohl) wrote in gitaroo_man,

Master mode, the thumb killer

I'm hoping this community isn't dead as I'm a huge Gitaroo Man fan!

Expert mode, wow. Ouch. I got up to Mojo King Bee without much hassle but was frustratingly stuck on one particular part of the song for around a month. After screaming "YES!" when getting past that I proceeded to be stuck on the drum and bass part of the shark for around 3 months. The last bit of the song killed when the tempo doubles killed me every time. Eventually i figured out a two thumb method and got past it, and then blasted up to the San Bone Trio with ease.

While this song did take some effort i wasn't stuck on it for nearly as long and that brings us to where I am now. Solidly stuck on Tainted Lovers.

I wanted to ask about duel thumbs. When it gets to this speed and difficulty can you guys do it with one thumb or do you have to resort to a complicated two thumb method?
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